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    Changhong smart home application solutions act tough and talk soft watch user pain points"
    2017/6/18 9:37:02

    When the gas leak, acousto-optic sensor automatic alarm; when the air PM2.5 exceed the standard, the wisdom air steward will automatically run the user spending collaborative purifier; open mobile phone on the electrical water month, found that the use of a computer this month long long time, decided to guide the child the right amount of time play computer. "Cool"...... the wisdom of life experience is not science fiction in the plot, but the 2017 Asian consumer electronics show (CES) Changhong CHiQ-Life smart home experience real experience.

    Changhong UP based on joint operation support platform, user centered, connected through the IPP framework agreement, Changhong smart home application solutions to achieve a breakthrough in intelligent control, security, media, energy, health and other five business direction, and entered the market stage.

    The realization of data operation accelerated networking applications business

    Wisdom family is an important field of application of the Internet of things, the future market capacity will reach one trillion, Internet Co, household electrical appliance enterprises will be more and more smart home as the research direction of emerging industries.

    "To solve the smart home applications to the user as the center, to solve the user" pain points ", satisfy consumer demand to upgrade. And to achieve the family eachIntelligent terminalConnectivity, collaboration, and automatic service to users are key to data." Liu Dong, general manager of Changhong's software and services center, told an interview at the CES show.

    In recent years, along with the Changhong "intelligence, network and collaboration" and the "new three coordinate" smart strategy and further promote the overall layout, Changhong smart TV, smart refrigerator, smart air conditioning, smart product sales accounted for rising, all kinds of intelligent terminals more than 10 million units, through the the intelligent terminal, every day can be gathered massive user behavior data, the intelligent terminal cloud business and demand more and more; and explore the smart home, smart communities, smart city and other emerging business in Changhong, also need data as a guarantee, in order to better serve consumers.

    "UP IOT IOT operation support platform has direction to users, equipment, pay 21 or existing capacity is to realize the highly coupled, can be strongly supported by industry and business unit of Changhong smart home and intelligent community, smart living in areas such as the hatch the application of business innovation network." Liu Dong said. The UP platform not only to achieve business integration, Changhong internal Changhong improve their competitiveness, it is more important for external as an open platform, with the friends, third party developers, startups such as resource sharing, sharing, interaction and win-win ability.

    According to understanding, from the Changhong smart home application solution market promotion scheme, the organic integration of the third party partners, build "stereo channel operator + + agent + room open online mall". The "energy" application solutions for example, Changhong reached a strategic cooperation with zhongran guangshitong, etc., for home energy management systems, custom alarm, all kinds of accidents, safety inspection and maintenance and other one-stop service, including channels, also including smart home developers and third party services, smart home ecosystem to build a "+", a comprehensive and systematic acceleration of smart home application solutions landing.

    Scene interactive wisdom of life experience to allow users to scream"

    In "Internet plus" era, the home appliance industry around the "transformation trend" to provide content and services from the application to the terminal product functionality through the terminal products has been unstoppable. In the CES show, Changhong brings users not only the wisdom of the system, family application solutions, as well as the rapid support of family wisdom of the ultimate home networking smart products -audible and visual alarmSensors, infrared sensors, smoke sensors, gas sensors, water immersion sensors, etc..

    By sound and lightA burglar alarmFor example, it is a smart home security application solution hub is connected to other security suite sensor gateway, sensor suite, abnormal voice alarm, such as gas leakage, water damage, the kitchen window will be the first time response, in addition, it is also a Bluetooth speaker and energy-saving lamp atmosphere. Changhong smart TV and audio controller is a smart home intelligent control application solutions, through smart TV or voice controller, automatic control and receiving related residential users in the house or the remote control instruction of hardware and software products or services, for example, according to different scenes of various collocationLEDLighting and decorative lamp sets, along with electric curtains, are integrated into the scene to monitor plant, potted plants and family gardens, and to take care of them intelligently.

    "In the past,Smart homeThe concept to give the total feeling very far away too profound to be understood, life. Smart home applications to the CES exhibition Changhong display solutions, get rid of the concept of restraint, the utility, the product style presented to the user, closer to the distance between the user and the wisdom of the family, closer to the user needs." Analysts in the industry view, so that users screaming, can quickly enter the public family wisdom family solution is more viable, before they can seize the wisdom of the family market opportunities.

    Solution of Changhong smart home applications and networking scheme based on a series of intelligent products available Home Furnishing, Changhong intelligent hardware accelerated from moving towards intelligent services, from product operation to the user operation transformation, it can be said that this is Changhong in the smart strategic stage into another major transformation after the fruit. At present, Changhong has "intelligent service" as one of the new development and "five emerging industries" in the "13th Five-Year" industrial development plan, will become Changhong to create the future driving force increment.

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