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    Fuji inverter
    Fuji inverter

    Fuji inverter

    Fuji inverter
    Custom logic
    Standard supports frequency converter software customization. It can form a digital logic circuit or an analog calculus circuit with a maximum of 100 (*) steps inside the converter. Therefore, users can define the converter by themselves, such as simple logic changes or large-scale programming. It also plans to gradually launch a program template for special frequency converters for extension machines, lifts and textiles.
    Standard with multiple functions

    Sensorless dynamic torque vector control
    Vector control with PG motor (installation of option cards, recently launched)
    Sensorless vector control for synchronous machines (recently launched)
    Equipped with 2 channel RS485 communication port
    Equipped with detachable operation panel.
    Equipped with terminal console control panel.
    Multifunctional operation panel (optional accessories)

    There are 2 kinds of multifunctional operation panels.

    A multi-function operation panel with LCD screen. Enhanced man-machine conversation function. (recently launched)
    The operation panel with USB... Connecting with PC can improve maintenance efficiency.
    Standard configuration function security

    Conforming to European safety standards. The main circuit switchgear can be simplified for safe shutdown.
    The standard configuration is perfect for high-performance functions. (Safety input: 2CH, output: 1CH)

    Meet the standards (application)
    EN ISO 13849-1:2008, Cat.3 / PL=e IEC/EN 61800-5-2:2007 SIL3 (security function: STO)
    IEC/EN 60204-1:2005/2006 parking category 0 IEC/EN 62061:2005 SIL3
    IEC/EN 61508-1 to 7:2010 SIL3
    Design life span of 10 years

    The design life of the parts used is 10 years.
    Longer maintenance cycle helps reduce operating costs.
    Design service life of main circuit capacitor for 10 years (*)
    Capacitor on control panel for 10 years (*)
    Cooling fans for 10 years (*)
    Life conditions, ambient temperature + 40 C (104 F)
    Load rate 100% (HHD specification)
    80% (HND/HD/ND specification)

    (*) the rated current of the ND specification is higher than the HHD specification of 2 grades, so the design life is 7 years.
    Note (ND: fan/pump light load; HD: horizontal transmission medium load; HHD: vertical lifting equal heavy load.)
    * * FRN0139E2S-4C and above shall be based on motor power supply DC reactor: DCR4-**
    * * E2 all series own panel * *

    ND: low temperature light load (fan pump) instead of F1S VP series

    HD: low temperature load (horizontal transportation) instead of GL1S series

    HND: high temperature light load (ambient temperature 40 degrees above fan pump) instead of GL1S series

    HHD: heavy load (winch, printing press, etc.) instead of G1S system

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