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    FRENIC-MEGA series high performance multifunctional Fuji inverter
    FRENIC-MEGA series high performance multifunctional Fuji inverter

    FRENIC-MEGA series high performance multifunctional Fuji inverter

    FRENIC-MEGA is a high-performance multi-functional frequency converter developed by concentrating on the essence of Fuji motor technology. With the unique advanced technology of Fuji motor, it achieves the highest control performance in the industry. By improving "basic performance", "extensive use", "maintenance convenience" and "environmental protection performance", it pursues "adaptation". The application of "equipment" is expected to greatly refresh the concept of general inverter.
    [improving control function]
    Controlling modes corresponding to PG vector control, induction-free vector control, dynamic torque vector control and V/f control
    Improve the function of current response and speed response (vector control).
    Improving overload tolerance (HD specification 200%-3 seconds/150%-1 minute: for general use; LD specification 120%-1 minute: for fans and pumps, etc.)
    [improving maintenance function]
    To configure the USB interface to the remote operation panel (the operation panel is selected).
    It can output early warning signals during maintenance period.
    Long life components (design life is 10 years) (main circuit capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, cooling fan)
    [extensive use]
    Various functions are widely used, such as brake transistor damage detection function, brake signal enhancement, configuration ratio operation function.
    Improved the power of the built in brake circuit (standard: 22KW below).
    Perfect network correspondence function
    [adaptation to environment]
    The machine is rich and can meet all kinds of needs (basic type, EMC filter type).
    Follow the RoHS directive
    Improvement of environmental performance

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