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  • Welcome to ruxi Industrial Control Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
    ruxi Industrial Control Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has an experienced and skilled service team. Acting Fuji Inverter, Fuji Temperature Controller, Fuji PLC, Fuji Servo Motor, Fuji Cooling Pump, Fuji Blower, Wilon Touch Screen and other industrial control products are widely used in heavy industry machinery, electronic equipment, medical machinery, tobacco machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, textile machinery, food machinery, automotive accessories and other raw materials. Production lines, inkjet, position control and other industrial areas.
    Since its establishment, with the joint efforts of all employees and the strong support of customers and colleagues in the industry, the company has expanded rapidly, covering all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the country.

    Enterprises in line with the business policy of "providing customers with solutions in the field of industrial control"; working with customers in the spirit of seeking truth and refinement, using technology to solve customers'industrial control problems, save production costs, thus promoting the development of production automation.

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